Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence

Although they belong to the same category and are related to one another, B. Tech CSE artificial intelligence and data science are not identical. We have covered all the pertinent Data Science and AI topics in depth in this blog. This will enable you to differentiate between the two and decide which to pursue as a career and which colleges for B. Tech in artificial intelligence are best for you. 

What is Data Science?

The influence of data science in today’s world is unparalleled, especially in the IT sector that is practically everywhere. It is a vast area that mostly focuses on data systems and processes, and it works with these datasets to extract useful information from them. In this field, data serves as the fuel for gaining practical and insightful knowledge about businesses and spotting emerging market trends. Technologies like data science, AI and ML carry a lot of weight in today’s business model and therefore, companies require skilled graduates in B. Tech CSE with AI and ML and DS. 

This area of study in the technology field offers a variety of subjects and topics, such as programming, statistics, and mathematics. Therefore, if you want to work in data science, you need to be knowledgeable in these fields so that you can recognize patterns in the data and extract them. The best place to learn data science and AI is to join the best colleges for B. Tech in artificial intelligence and data science. 

Once you have a strong grasp on the fundamentals of data science. You would probably want to know the various procedures that go into using this technology, though, I’m sure. These actions involve the extraction, modification, upkeep, and visualization of data that enables event forecasting.

You probably ask one question after learning about data science. Why is it so frequent and essential for businesses to extract, analyze, and understand data?

Consider Facebook as a real-world application of data science. This illustration will help you see the need for data science and how it benefits not only the IT sector but also other sectors such as e-commerce, finance, telecommunications, etc.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In contrast to data science, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence that robots are capable of having. It is modelled after the inherent intellect of people. AI makes it possible for robots to behave and think like humans. This technology employs a number of algorithms to help with autonomous action.  

Most B. Tech CSE artificial intelligence and data science colleges realize the importance of growing technologies in this sector and the placement opportunities associated with it. 

AI’s traditional algorithms were given a set of objectives to work toward. Modern Technologies like machine learning and deep learning allow you to study and comprehend the latest trends and algorithms in the given data to help robots understand the situation and make human-like judgements 

Learning, reasoning, and self-correction are the primary three concepts you will learn in B. Tech CSE with Ai and ML. Moreover, AI frameworks enable you to execute deep neural network calculations. 

In the next paragraph, we will take an example of a real-life scenario and try to better understand the application of AI technology. Let’s understand how AI can be implemented in your personal security framework to boost its functionality. 

Personal Security Systems using AI

Have you lately travelled or participated in a significant public event? If you did, you must have seen the enormous queues for security checks. This must have bothered and inconvenienced you on more than one occasion, and it might be scary if a pandemic like COVID-19 spreads throughout the planet. Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning can eliminate false alarms. The items that human scanners in stadiums, concerts, and other places commonly overlook can also be detected by these systems. For both the security supervisor and the passengers or event participants, this can speed up the security procedures and save a lot of time.

You can choose to take courses in the best colleges for B. Tech in artificial intelligence and data science after learning about both technologies in depth and selecting the one that is most appropriate for you.

After learning about technologies data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Let’s now talk about how they differ from one another.

Differences between Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Technologies like machine learning and data science can pique your curiosity if you are a student of science, which may give you more reasons to learn about them in deep. You might have questions like which technology is better for your career, Data Science or Artificial Intelligence?” after knowing about these technologies. A comparison chart that is meant to assist you is provided below. This chart can give you a concise understanding of the fundamental differences between these two most sought-after technologies:

Comparison Factor

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence


Data Science aims to curate massive data for analytics and visualization Artificial Intelligence helps in implementing data and the knowledge of machines


You need to use statistical techniques for development and design You must use algorithms for development and design


Data Science makes use of the Data Analytics technique AI uses Deep Learning and Machine Learning techniques


It looks for patterns in data to make well-informed decisions It imposes intelligence in machines using data to make them respond as humans do

Solving Issues

It utilizes parts of a loop or program to solve particular issues AI, however, represents the loop for planning and perception


It uses a medium level of data processing for data manipulation It uses high-level processing of scientific data for data manipulation


It allows you to represent data in several graphical formats It helps you use an algorithm network node representation

Tools Involved

Data Science makes use of tools, such as SAS, SPSS, Keras, R, Python, etc. AI uses tools viz. Shogun, Mahout, Caffe, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, etc.


Applications of Data Science are dominantly used in Internet search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. AI applications are used in several industries, including transport, healthcare, manufacturing, automation, etc.

You can decide whether to pursue a career in B. Tech CSE Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with the aid of our detailed comparison table. Look at our blog about Artificial Intelligence Courses Syllabus if you wish to pursue a profession in AI.

B. Tech CSE Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Jobs

B. Tech CSE artificial intelligence and data science offer lucrative career opportunities to students since these technologies are growing at a rapid pace with applications in every business sector. However, both technologies have many things in common and do not contest each other. Some of the common job profiles in AI and DS are as follows. 

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Statistician
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Analyst

Requirements for Jobs in Data Science

Following are some of the skills you’ll need to possess to pursue a career in B. Tech CSE Artificial Intelligence and Data Science-related job roles:

  • Programming skills in languages such as C, C++, Python, and R
  • Reporting and visualization of data
  • Knowledge of statistics and mathematics
  • Experience in risk analysis
  • Understanding of Machine Learning techniques
  • Knowledge of data structures and data warehousing


We discussed all the specifics of the two topics and how they might be used interchangeably in this blog post on B. Tech CSE artificial intelligence and data science. An AI tool makes predictions based on the data, whereas data science tools deal with the computer computations made on the data. 

Your area of interest is the only thing you need to comprehend. A career in data science may appeal to you if you are strong at analyzing data; however, if you prefer the ideas of artificial intelligence and the enormous potential it contains, you would do better in that sector.

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